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Jaimeson is a British drum and bass and garage producer and MC, best known for a string of hits in 2003 and 2004.

Jaimeson emerged in the underground music scene,breaking through in January 2003 with the release of "True", featuring the vocals of Angel Blu and a rap verse by Jaimeson, which peaked at number four on the UK Singles Chart. This was then followed up by "Complete" featuring singer Xara which also peaked at number four on the chart in August 2003 and "Take Control", which peaked at number sixteen in February 2004.

Jaimeson ran his own record label, in addition to dealing with his own promotion.He has remixed many tracks since 2001 such as the Streets' "Has It Come to This", Jay-Z's "Izzo", Maxwell D's "Serious", Sugababes' "Freak", Big Brovaz' "Baby Boy", Harry Wilkins' "Sex Go Round" and Destiny's Child's number one hit, "Survivor".

In 2004, Jaimeson featured in the BBC Three TV documentary series Tower Block Dreams, in an episode entitled "Grimetime to Primetime

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